GalaxyNote3+Gear/Samsung Global Microsite

AdQua Seoul invited me for Samsung Global secret pitch project, a website + a web video.

Project Challenge
Samsung was about to launch their’s the most ambitious product for 2013 in 2 months. Everything was highly confidential even which product it was for the pitch agencies, and Samsung was looking for an agency can handle the tight deadline but also who has the international taste with global technology, can work for all over the world.

AdQua is one of the most recognized digital agency in Korea but needed more global input. Korea has very different market for the taste and the web build and the search engine optimization.

My Solution
I shared my previous experience with Samsung Global Site development insight with AdQua. What’s Samsung Global needs & wants and how they work. But mostly, educating the team for global tends and what’s in & what’s hot. Korea market does not use Google and also, because their high speed internet and biggest mobile phone use, search engine and HTML5 related matters are in dark. Working closely with planing team and building the strategy was the my main role and helping the creative concept was also went the parallel.

Win, Win Win! The local digital agency, AdQua won over international Samsung’s agency of the year and other global agencies. The secret product was apparently not only one but three products and AdQua got total four projects from this one pitch. The Galaxy Note3 and the gear and the Galaxy Tab. Proving this local agency’s international comprehension gave the client the confidence that, AdQua can manage well with more of their the most ambitious products and made this small agency to global digital agency. Launch the site


Collette is a young singer/songwriter and asked me to create a brand for her 2nd music album, that would defining her image as an artist and also can present her unique sweet hip-hop soul. My insight was that this singer has been evolving by her imagination and the raw talent. My creative solution was that giving the users an option to reveal of these, artistic side of her and raw organic talent in her. I created the branding design, including the CD cover, also, directed the film/photo shoot. For the site, all the illustration, art work and flash work have been done by myself. Visit the  Site  and See the Art Work  1   2 


Spiral Frog was a new company had a relationship with Universal Music and provides free download songs to public. I suggested 8 different concepts to get Viral effect on the brand, and this night club concept has been developed. For this young hip target audience, talking in their language and fun and playful approach was the right thing to do. This was a full campaign from site to banners & rich media and all the buzz to viral sites. I leaded this whole project from scratch to end. From strategy & the client servicing to photoshop concepting, 3D maya art direction, green screen video shoot, keying out the background from After Effect, costume coordination, flash animation and the flash back-end supervising. Especially it was hard the 3D team was in LA and the Flash development team was in Canada, hours different time zone made me sleepless for 4month, but, this is the most valuable project I did and the most proud project for me. SpiralFrog has achieved several key milestones since its launch in September 2007. The rapidly growing service now reaches more than 3.8 million unique monthly visitors and more than 1.1 million registered users. Visit the  site  and the  viral video  hit 3,000 from the first day of the launch. See the Art Work  1   2   3   4 


Atmosphere BBDO asked me to help the pitch for the Visa. The strategy behind this campaign was that the 2010 world cup, and bring the fans’ excitement into Visa card. Rather than the football teams, emphasizing the fans are outstanding umbrella strategy and the site was for them as a hub, to join and share every excitement they can have from the world cup. My role for this pitch was deliver about 30 different creative boards within 2 weeks time. Everyday the concepts and the execution ideas had changed according to the management team with 30 different people in it. I have proven my work athletic and the quality of my work. Have a look the boards  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12 


BBDO NY asked me to join this pitch for the client AT&T, who is having a re-branding and the new tagline is “Rethink Possible”. This pitch was Digitally Led Integrated Campaign, and the team developed all the big ideas already before I involved. My Role was for this project, delivers the outdoor installation ideas simplest & clearest possible as boards. In this project it was not for concerting, but, I created this boards in a context, rather than, individual objects so, it helped the client’s imagination and it worked. BBDO won the pitch and the client bought most of the ideas. See the boards   1   2   3   4   5   6 


Razorfish asked me to create a Facebook APP that would generate interest around AXE Music. Users can ask for votes from s/his friends, and when s/he became top3 then s/he can go AXE Music Concert with s/his 3 other friends all together. My main challenge was the User Experience that made it easier to interact within limited space from Facebook Fan page and make a good balance between Facebook APP specification boundaries and the desirable creative. Axe One Night Only campaign in August — which garnered 44,000 contest entries and saw more than 105 million impressions on Facebook. Visit  AXE Music Facebook APP  or View the Music  Site . Also here is the User Flow  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9 


NewYork Presbyterian is the best hospital in New York, has 5 different location over the NY state and it has the best staff and the service. I worked with JWT Inside team to do NYP’s career site, which is aim for selecting only the right staff out of overwhelming candidates. To do that so, JWT pitched to NYP client, involving the right emotion to the career site will help, to show what really NYP is and emotional demand to apply if s/he is the same emotional parallel. The strategy behind was that, to show the real NYP stories to the candidates. I joined this project for the development stage after JWT won the pitch. However, the pitch work was not for real IA and the UX was not considered so much. So, there were my role, I fixed the IA and navigation and User Experience, including the flash map to show the NYP stories on it. The most fun part for me though, I interviewed documentary photographers and actually 2 days photo shoot in that NYP hospitals, and working with that photographers in the action. Have a look the  site  I created, and here is the  original pitch work done by JWT Inside , so, you can compare the IA & the creativity how much it has been improved. My Art Work goes to here  1   2  3   4   5   6   7   8 


Atmosphere BBDO asked me to help for a pitch with Citi Cards project. Citi already has micro sites from all different agencies and from all different time. The current micro sites are all over the place and Citi needs a Citi Cards Portal site, which will have umbrella effect for the all the Citi Cards micro sites. My roll on this project was more than anything sorting out the IA and creating customer’s favorite customizable pages, so that there is a reason, the user need to keep coming back to the site. The main challenge I had and what I archive the same time was that, there were overwhelming contents need to be digest and make it look effortless outside. See the Art Work  1   2   3   4   5 


BBDO gave me this quick over the weekend concepting work for client Lowes. Lowes wanted have additional functionality call “Shopping Advisor”, which would have very different look from current left navigation as all the texts and all too much selectors. However, the IA came this question tree, the users have to answer about 20 questions to get the final recommended product.
My client and BBDO’s client want me to suggest them just A LOOK, but, actually I analyzed the IA and the User Experience, I created the whole new set of “Shopping Guide” for them. I group them and categorized the questions, and each question tree can have only 5 steps rather than 20+.
More than just a look, I am proud of I could suggested utilized IA and UX for both of my clients in such a shot time, and the points were taken, and the development are on the way. See the Art Work  1   2   3   4   Launch the site  


McGarryBowen asked me to help this pitch for new branding Lexus. This was all the main stream AD and the digital projects’ integration. Finding/giving the right personality on the Lexus was the main challenge the agency had. I was became a insider for the brand and compare with other brands such as BMW & Marchades Benz. I’ve gone threw all the blogs and reviews about the Lexus, and found that, one out standing, “High Tech Car”. Consider before Lexus only had a good reputation as #1 customer satisfaction, it is more characteristic brand image, and started to develop the idea how can I deliver this “High Tech Car” as a luxury creative. “what is real luxury?” “what is different between Lexus & Kia”? They might have all the leather seat, the quality of them are different and that makes different luxury & ordinary. So, how can I know the quality? Look closer! Luxury car makes you feel different and all the high tech sensors will help you on that.
McGarryBowen presented two concepts and the client took my concept & strategy and from 2009 winter TVC to now on, the idea is keep alive… “Hello Tomorrow” See the Art Work  1   2   3   4 


Night Agency invited from Gap, to develop an Gap’s global site for multi culture, multi language audience in the world. Gap was in a point, having shops in 27 different countries, and one simple site cover all their needs & wants. Consider all the countries have different language and culture for reading & writing, left & right, but also, the internet speed and the boundaries and usages are different, this site’s idea was sounds simple, but rather complicated. All the CMS input, controlled by central one location… my previous work experience in Adobe Business Catalyst helped this project a lot.


When Estee Lauder launched a new perfume Sensuous, we had to asked ourselves, what is sensuous? what makes sexy and sensuous different? This became a big idea for campaign and we wanted ask to our audiences as well. Viral and sweepstakes combination, asking for the meaning of sensuous themselves… Night Agency won this pitch with my creative and the site and all the digital projects developed. See the Art Work  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10

LiveLifeLike is a non-commercial project, base on a project I did with my friend back in 2005 for a year. In 2005, there is no such thing yet, like Facebook or Flicker or any other social media. My friend & I are the best friends living two different counties and trying to find out how to keep the friendship and the communication keep going between us. As designers we came up with an idea, uploading daily photos & share our lives.
But there were rules! Only pure photographs were used in this project. Everyday, one new photo was placed onto the site by one of them. And it should represent either ones’ thought or feeling of that day. The other person would complete the whole visual by uploading ones’ own photo. The two roles were swapped everyday and the completed visual becomes a visual communication tool for them. This graphical collaborative effort made the daily project solid. Not only express every day’s thoughts and feeling, but also achieve visual combination made a connection and it bonds the two. That project last for a year.
So, this flash version is 2005 archive in a mosaic way. The-daily-photos does not mean anything anymore, but, it became more random happy memories so… Visit the  Flash site  or  HTML 2005 version  .


Organic NY asked me to help improving their 3month old site for Bank of America client. The client updates this site every quarter with new learning items, and the site has been successful. However, there were some user experience issues with the main hero area, which had no indication of interactivity between the promo items. So I created this carousel functionally to help the UX and also, of course created the main hero images, which goes to the banner campaign they launched the same time. Visit the  site . See the Art Work  1   2   3   4   5   6   7 


Optus is the biggest mobile phone service in Australia, and I worked with M&S Saatch to create a site, can approach to young audiences, who are using pre-paid mobile phones. Also, Optus is a brand uses animals to represent their band and each campaign has it’s unique animals. The penguins are for the pre-paid service, and we made them as little homie gangster group. The service works, if one person invite 4 more friends then they all get discounted services. I started from the strategy and all the visual concepting and flash animation and also back-end supervision and the product management. Visit the  Site 

McDonalds AU

When Tribal DDB Sydney asked me to build this McDonals’s low band site, I had only two 2weeks from designing to build and ready to launch. My changeling was that this was for the low band site and had flash version of fully explore site, still make the users entertaining and give the right banding image threw it. From the photoshop the flash and the HTML, and the project management… I had fun.


Sony was the best client for Sydney EURO RSCG. And Bravia was Sony’s the most ambitious flat TV they were launching and had this amazing TV commercials from San Fransisco. I was so inspired by this beautiful footage and designed all the micro site and banners & rich media and Sony site’s OverThePage flash animation.


At the end this project became a small practice for the client Spiral Frog. They were young company, provides free download songs to public, and having a brand crisis moment. When I joined the team in Night Agency, they already developed part of this site without overall look & feel and the shell to hold everything. My role was that, I manage whatever it is left and add to the project the quality it needed. It was very sticky situation between the client and client’s partners and internal pressure. I managed to launch this site within 3 weeks time, from the art work and video shooting and putting them all together. Have a look the  site , but, this project actually brought me to the next project, which is from the same client, but, much better banding and thought in it all around. If you missed out before, check this out  here .


GolfSwingCenter was a project, came threw an individual person, who has this vision, can analyze the golfer’s swing position, when they submit a video and can compare with pro golfers. More than anything, for this project, communicating with the client and educate them were the most challenge but, he took my IA and the UX direction well, and the project is on the way to launch…




To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.


To see the enlarged art work, just click each image.