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NY Presbyterian Hospital Career Site

NewYork Presbyterian is the best hospital in New York, has 5 different location over the NY state and it has the best staff and the service. I worked with JWT Inside team to do NYP’s career site, which is aim for selecting only the right staff out of overwhelming candidates. To do that so, JWT pitched to NYP client, involving the right emotion to the career site will help, to show what really NYP is and emotional demand to apply if s/he is the same emotional parallel. The strategy behind was that, to show the real NYP stories to the candidates. I joined this project for the development stage after JWT won the pitch. However, the pitch work was not for real IA and the UX was not considered so much. So, there were my role, I fixed the IA and navigation and User Experience, including the flash map to show the NYP stories on it. The most fun part for me though, I interviewed documentary photographers and actually 2 days photo shoot in that NYP hospitals, and working with that photographers in the action. Have a look the site I created, and here is the original pitch work done by JWT Inside , so, you can compare the IA & the creativity how much it has been improved.