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LiveLifeLike is a non-commercial project, base on a project I did with my friend back in 2005 for a year. In 2005, there is no such thing yet, like Facebook or Flicker or any other social media. My friend & I are the best friends living two different counties and trying to find out how to keep the friendship and the communication keep going between us. As designers we came up with an idea, uploading daily photos & share our lives.
But there were rules! Only pure photographs were used in this project. Everyday, one new photo was placed onto the site by one of them. And it should represent either ones’ thought or feeling of that day. The other person would complete the whole visual by uploading ones’ own photo. The two roles were swapped everyday and the completed visual becomes a visual communication tool for them. This graphical collaborative effort made the daily project solid. Not only express every day’s thoughts and feeling, but also achieve visual combination made a connection and it bonds the two. That project last for a year.
So, this flash version is 2005 archive in a mosaic way. The-daily-photos does not mean anything anymore, but, it became more random happy memories so… Visit the Flash site or HTML 2005 version .