Samsung Galaxy SII

Campaign Idea / Interface Design / User Experience /

Digitas NY invited me for a month intense Samsung project, in this particular project my role were an UX/ID lead and the art director.

Project Challenge

To launch the second version of their flagship phone, the Galaxy SII, Samsung needed to a way to stand out. With an unparalleled screen, a great camera, and outstanding speed, the SII was designed to be the best product for experiencing mobile entertainment. But how could they separate themselves from the pack?


We started from an insight: most people aren’t watching INCEPTION or AVATAR on their phones, despite what a lot of smartphone ads show. Instead, consumers are watching bite-sized pieces of content or playing quick games that help them fill a minute or two. The true mobile entertainment is the YouTube video more than it is the full length action film.
To show just how much Samsung “gets” mobile entertainment, we partnered with Freddie Wong, a digital content creator, to make a viral video using the Galaxy SII’s HD camera. Freddie’s video, “Gamer Commute”, is a humorous look at one man’s trip to work, with allusions to popular video games riddled throughout. Freddie launched the video on his own YouTube channel, where he has 2.3mm subscribers. We distributed the video on a minisite, Samsung’s YouTube channel, and Facebook, as well as in our online advertising. Freddie also created a Behind the Scenes video that beautifully shows how the phone’s HD camera was used in the making of the film.


The brand content video with YouTube star Freddie Wong has reached over 9 million views in a little over three weeks and just hit the top of AdAge’s viral video chart. It’s also been ranked on YouTube as:

  • #1 Top Rated Video and Entertainment Video its launch week
  • #1 Most Viewed Entertainment Video in September
  • #3 Top Rated and Top Favorite Entertainment Video in September

Watch Freddie W’s Viral Video